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“‘November’ isn’t just a great hip-hop mixtape, it’s lyrically at the very top and with topics a lot people can relate with at this time.”

We are all going through this thing called life, and everything that it surrounds of,  ‘November’ is a puzzle of thoughts, memories and motivation that hits deep. K.Briggs takes us into the world of November in a soul-searching atmosphere with his most personal work due to this date. Starting off with the deep exposing perfectly arranged “Picture Dream”  had me gasping for more til’ the very end, with perfection in each note painting a perfect picture.

Creative artists in these times are beginning to prosper and are finally being recognized by the mass. With a lot of genuine work and thoughts put behind it, more striving to turn in their albums/mixtapes into something that could be described as flick being experienced, presented with their own story to the listener with sublimity. ‘November’ is no exception and while experience it from the very arise there’s a slight inspiration behind ‘November’ from other L.A disciples releases such as the great ‘Nostalgia U.L.T.R.A’ by Frank Ocean and even ‘Good Kid M.a.a.d City’ by Kendrick Lamar with great story-telling. The music trend in 2012 within hip-hop are really changing, and we have the luck to finally experience the awakening of hip-hop finding its way back home again on a more conscious level.

Being just 20 years old the Los Angeles based emcee K.Briggs (formally known as Kris Mars) has something as you can define as an old soul, while looking back at his career a few years back he’s known for always creating compassionate grown music, and he preserves on being enriched as an artist. ‘November’ isn’t just a great hip-hop mixtape, it’s lyrically at the very top and with topics a lot people can relate with at this time. The favorite track which to me was the peak of the tape is – “Fall”  – it hits hard, and is a perfect example of the depth of this mixtape. ‘November’ will be released next week via K.Briggs Tumblr – written by  Johanna

           (4.5 out of 5)



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From the lovely Swedish based collective/ crew S.T.I.C.S, we just in a few days now expect the release of the mixtape ‘F.E.A.T.U.R.E.D’ which is the last official release until the awaited debut album drop!

F.E.A.T.U.R.E.D  features people such as the talented Swedish reagge artist Rootz One and some rhymes kicked by Professor P, Nomad, lovely vocalist Seinabo Sey and more fly features. If you’re familiar with the S.T.I.C.S crew you know it’s all about the smooth, laid back sound with some poetry laced into rhymes. This mixtape ain’t no exception, as the whole piece takes you on a soothing journey blended with some lovely vocals by Seinabo Sey & Marianne Da Cruz along with some lovely memorable productions by The Foreign Exchange that goes hand in hand with S.T.I.C.S unique sound. We’d also like to give S.T.I.C.S crew some extra cudos for that Apple Juice track.. look out for that “hidden” bit, ha!

If we were to give you a heads-up on what this mixtape is like, we’d say the whole project combined together with the rhymes, smooth beats and vocals, somewhat reminds us of some Jazz Liberatorz work.

 Be on your marks ready to go grab this free mixtape when it drops June 21st.

S.T.I.C.S :: Change ft. Seinabo Sey, Rootz One